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Michael Buble – Spiderman Theme


"Spider-Man" is the theme song of the 1967 cartoon show Spider-Man, composed by Academy Award winner Paul Francis Webster and Robert "Bob" Harris. The song's opening lines, "Spider-Man, Spider-Man, does whatever a spider can," have become as synonymous with the Marvel Comics character as his costume. The original song was recorded at RCA Studios in Toronto (where the cartoon was also produced) featuring 12 CBC vocalists (members of the Billy Van Singers, and Laurie Bower Singers groups) who added to the musical backing track supplied by RCA Studios, New York. The singers were paid only for the session and have had no residuals from its use since then. "Spider-Man Theme" was covered by Canadian crooner Michael Bublé, and included on his first independent album, BaBalu, released in 2001. The track was later chosen for inclusion in the film Spider-Man 2, and thus, was released as a single on July 26, 2004. It also appears on certain special editions of Bublé's self-titled debut album, Michael Bublé.

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