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Muse – The Groove


"The Groove" appears on the CD "Time Is Running Out" and on Butterflies & Hurricanes DVD & Absolution Tour DVD. Called Easy Tiger due to Matthew Bellamy saying "easy tiger" after performing it. A live version features as an extra track on the Absolution Tour DVD. In the live feature, Matt accidentally switches the order of the two lyrics: "Breaks my fall" and "Breaks my heart" Matt revealed at New York's Webster Hall that the The Groove was an early version of Supermassive Black Hole. A possible explanation for this is that, during recording sessions for Black Holes and Revelations, the band revisited The Groove and came up with Supermassive Black Hole out of changes to the song. This could also act as an explanation why the song was dropped from setlists from 2005-2014 with the exception of a handful of instrumental performances in 2007 and 2008. The version on the Butterflies & Hurricanes DVD includes a brief voice-over by Matt, explaining that copyright reasons prevented them from putting the whole song on a DVD before it had been released as a B-Side. The full uninterrupted version of this video appears on the Absolution Tour DVD.The main riff bears similarities with the bass riff in the chorus of the song Fools Gold by The Stone Roses, the drums sound similar to Hyper Music while the solo has similarity to Tighten Up by the Black Keys, released in 2010.

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