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Rage Against The Machine – Bulls On Parade

rage against the machine

"Bulls on Parade" is a song released by American rap metal band Rage Against the Machine in 1996, and can be found on their 2nd album, Evil Empire. The song is widely known for its popular guitar solo containing a vinyl scratch effect used by Tom Morello, done by toggling between two pickups – one on and one off – while rubbing his hands on the strings over the pickups to create the effect that someone is scratching a vinyl disc. "Bulls on Parade" is also known for one of Tim Commerford's more famous bass solos, during the second wah-wah riff, and right before Morello's guitar solo. Morello has also stated that the sound he was going for was a "sort of 'ghetto boy' sound, menacing" with E♭ tuning and a wah-wah pedal to create a Los Angeles gangland-style riff.

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