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Virgins – Rich Girls


"Rich Girls" is of The Virgins the first full-length album by The Virgins. It was released June 3, 2008. Many songs on the album were originally from their EP, The Virgins '07. "Private Affair" has been chosen as the first single for this album. The song "Hey Hey Girl" was used in the trailer for the movie Miss March while the song "Rich Girls" was used in the movie 17 Again, in the trailer for She's Out of My League, an episode of Castle (Ghosts) and in a Rugby Ralph Lauren fall 2010 promotional lifestyle film. The songs One Week of Danger, Rich Girls, Fernando Pando, Radio Christiane, Love is Colder Than Death were also used in the TV show Gossip Girl in season one episode eight 'Seventeen Candles'. The song Hey Hey Girl was used in The Vampire Diaries in season one episode eighteen.

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