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ZZ Top – Cheap Sunglasses

zz top

"Cheap Sunglasses" is a 1979 single by ZZ Top from their 1979 album Degüello. The song captures many of the sounds and beats for which ZZ Top is famous. It is also featured on the greatest hits collections ZZ Top's Greatest Hits, Chrome, Smoke & BBQ, and Rancho Texicano. In addition, a live version of the song appears on Chrome, Smoke & BBQ and Rancho Texicano. In a Guitar World article, lead guitarist Billy Gibbons said that he used a Marshall Major amplifier and a Maestro ring modulator on this song, and that the amplifier had a blown tube during recording which added to the tonal character of the song. The Marshall Major is a slightly taller, 200-watt version of the classic Marshall 100-watt head.

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