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Led Zeppelin – Good Times Bad Times

led zeppelin

"Good Times Bad Times" is a song by the English rock band Led Zeppelin, featured as the opening track on their 1969 debut album Led Zeppelin. For the lead guitar solo, guitarist Jimmy Page passed his Fender Telecaster guitar through a Leslie speaker to create a swirling effect. This type of speaker contains a rotating paddle and was designed for a Hammond organ. However, guitars could be used with it. George Harrison and Eric Clapton employed this technique on the Cream song "Badge", and Harrison used it in several of The Beatles' recordings. In an interview, he gave to Guitar World magazine in 1993, Page explained that: I do remember using the board to overdrive a Leslie cabinet for the main riff in 'How Many More Times'. It doesn't sound like a Leslie because I wasn't employing the rotating speakers. Surprisingly, that sound has real weight. The guitar is going through the board, then through an amp which was driving the Leslie cabinet. It was a very successful experiment. Page, also the band's producer, placed microphones all over the recording studio to capture a live sound when this song was recorded. This song is also notable for drummer John Bonham's repeated use of a series of two sixteenth-note triplets on a single bass drum, an effect many subsequent rock drummers have imitated, and as well as keeping the hi-hat playing eighth notes throughout almost the entire song with his left foot. Bonham had reportedly developed this technique after listening to Vanilla Fudge. He was unaware that drummer Carmine Appice was actually playing on a double bass set

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